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Our extensive experience in design communication allows us to explore a wide range of solutions to suit your business and needs. From corporate brochures to annual reports, newsletters to direct mail, we’ll find the right solution, designed to your requirements.

Corporate Brochures

In this ever-changing, fast-moving digital world sometimes it’s nice to hold something tangible in your hands.

We can design your brochure from the initial planning stage, through design concepts, page layout, copywriting, photography or illustration, through to print.

We can advise on paper stock, environmental accreditations, varnishes or luxury finishes.

On the digital side we can provide you with a finished pdf, with embedded links and page navigation to send to your customers or use as website content downloads.

Take a look at some examples in: LITERATURE

Bespoke Design

How do you stand out from your competitors? Do you need a special tool to help sell your product or service? A corporate gift as a reminder of your brand or event?

Come to us with your problem and we’ll find a solution. It could be a special box to hold samples (as shown here) for your sales team and to use as a leave behind.

It could be a special promotional gift branded for your business or product.

It could be a bespoke marketing tool that really has the wow factor.

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Annual Reports

It’s essential to have a well-designed annual report to present to your business colleagues, stakeholders and customers.

We have extensive experience in presenting business information in an engaging yet professional way.

Annual reports don’t need to be boring and full of figures. We can design them with big photography, bold infographics and bright colours to set out your business offering, while communicating all the essential information.

Here’s an example we created for Realise Futures:

Newsletter Design

How do you get in touch with your colleagues or customers to keep them up to date with your latest news?

Emailers can be a good solution, but are often missed or deleted without a second thought.

Whether printed or online, newsletters can provide more in depth information, something to browse through and can seem more personal, even personalised if required.

From in-house staff newsletters to corporate updates, we can help you plan out your content, source photography, help with copywriting or editing and source the print.

Take a look at some of our recent work: OUR WORK

Sales Presenters

How do you communicate your message to your customers? What do your sales team use to promote your products?

We design printed or digital sales presenters, designed to your brand style, with strong, clear messaging to really sell your business or products.

We can help with bespoke lifestyle photography, product photography, illustration and copywriting.

We can source and supply the print or provide you with a pdf to use online or on email.

Some of our recent work: PATAK’S PRESENTERS

Trade Brochures

If you’re putting together your new range for the next season and looking for a way to present your products to your trade customers we can help.

We design creative trade brochures to really engage your customers. We’ll present your products in a clear and creative way to really show them off.

We can even help with packaging and point of sale sketches or digital mockups if the final product hasn’t yet been created. These can be supplied in print or pdf to suit your customers.

Here’s an example we designed for Mr Fothergill’s: